Saturday, October 12, 2013

Kid's Courtyard Synopsis

Kid’s Courtyard

“This building is owned by the kids who used to live here.”

The mission is to renovate or construct a building to provide “single-parent housing”.  The vision is a for-profit venture to build or renovate over 1000 buildings around the United States with long term residual income generated from retail in the surrounding area.  First location might be New York City or Miami.  The goal is a land-lord free, self-managing building providing a core of safe, healthy, sustainable living for the community.  Initial funding sources can be private, public, or a combination thereof.

·         $800,000 initial investment.
·         Return is a $500,000 project development fee after construction/renovation is completed.
·         1,000 buildings are possible around the country (13 million single mother households).
·         Retail possibilities include toys, clothing, restaurants, bicycles, and gas stations.

·         Initial partners construct or renovate the building.
·         Those partners become Board of Directors of the corporation.
·         Residents fill officer positions in the corporation.
·         All profits from the building itself are rolled into a toy fund and spent by the children.
·         Shares in the corporation are transferred to the children after they move out.
For a 6-page detailed description of this unique plan, please contact me.  As a single father, I designed every detail to make sure my son and his mother were cared for, even if I were not around.

Andrew B Brown - Project Architect
Mr. Brown has over 15 years experience managing software projects and consulting in the accounting, mortgage, banking, and finance industries.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting from UT Austin.
+66 98 252 4335

Attachment:  basic architectural sketch

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